7 Awesome Money-Related Halloween Costumes | MoneyStrands

Check Out Our Top Picks For This Year’s Money-Themed Costumes ?


With Halloween fast approaching, the team here at MoneyStrands wants to make sure you have plenty of money-themed costumes to impress your friends. We have created a list of 7 possible money costumes ideas for you to browse which we think will go down more of a treat (and less of a trick) at this year’s party.


1. Mr. Monopoly. The classic icon of one of the most popular board games ever, Mr. Monopoly oozes serious money. Get yourself a top hat, red bow tie and cut out a walking cane and a moustache, and you will have all the accessories needed to work yourself around the party in this money costume.     



2.The Great Gatsby. Both male and female costumes suit the 1920’s flapper era. Sip from your cocktail glass while you sit back and flaunt your luxurious outfits. Don’t forget to dance to some jazz too!



3. Bill Gates. Let loose your inner nerd and dress like the young version of the $90 billion man. Classic oversized jeans and sweaters pull off this look as well. Don’t forget the glasses – the bigger the better.



4. Bank Robber. Unlike Bill Gates, who worked hard for his fortune, go to the other extreme. The classic bank robber outfit can never go wrong. Get your moneybags, iconic striped shirt, black mask, and be ready to “steal” everyone’s attention.



5. The King or Queen. The wealthiest of all the land? Dress up as the King or Queen and rule over your fellow partygoers in true fashion. Make sure you bask in your royal glory and collect your due taxes (for tips on how to avoid tax mistakes click here). Show off your wealth and wear your crown with pride!



6. Scrooge McDuck. The quacky Disney character and self-proclaimed adventure capitalist makes for a very eye-catching costume. He is an oil tycoon, businessman, and the epitome of great wealth in popular culture around the world. Be prepared for lots of photographs with this feathery outfit.



7. Dollar note. Silly but fun. Simple and straight to the point. Nothing says money better than the $100 bill costume. Side note: don’t expect to get change back if you break it ?




Those are our 7 awesome money-themed costumes to impress your friends. So have fun, be safe, and have a howling good time this coming Halloween!