Our Story - MoneyStrands


Our Story

MoneyStrands was born out of the idea that finances shouldn’t be so complicated to manage. Tracking your cash, credit cards, and checking accounts should be easy and visual – that is why we invested heavily in our product to bring you beautiful charts and graphs that show you the big picture at a glance.

Our dedicated team designed and built our free personal finance app with you in mind. That’s right, we want to help you effortlessly and securely control your money, achieve your financial goals, and start making smarter budgeting decisions.

MoneyStrands is powered by Strands, “The Fintech Partner for Banks”, serving more than 500 bank implementations with a hundred million of customers in thirty-six countries, categorizing and enriching ninety-four million of banking transactions daily.

Company Core Values


Everything we do starts with PEOPLE! We are people-focused both externally, by being focused on our clients’ needs, and internally, by creating a collaborative work environment.


We don’t like to complicate things. Our clients and their customers value simplicity which is reflected in how we work and what we produce: simple, intuitive software solutions.


We value beautiful, simple and functional design. Intuitive, user-centric design is crucial in everything that we do.


We deliver innovative solutions. Our talented and experienced team uses agile processes to foster continuous innovation that not only satisfies but delights our clients.