3 Awkward Money Moments with Friends (And How to Handle Them) | MoneyStrands

I rarely talk to my friends about money. They’ll always know when I’m running a little low on funds, as my partying starts to dwindle towards the end of the month, but it’s not generally a topic of conversation in social circles. Mine at least.

Close friends should be able to talk about anything, but I suppose money’s just one of those things that makes the average Joe uncomfortable, so the less said about it, the better, right? So, what happens when the unmentioned subject is unavoidable and darn-right awkward?


One Good Turn Deserves Another


Picture this. You’re setting off to a friend’s for dinner and she texts to ask you to pick up some last bits and pieces on the way. “Sure!” you say, before you realize that you’ll have to fork out a small fortune on hors d’oeuvres at the supermarket. Expensive appetizers, for the non-French speakers. Now you’re 80 bucks out of pocket and you could have dined out at a fancy restaurant for less. But you didn’t because in theory, you can’t afford to eat out. Go figure.

You get to her house, but there’s no mention of repayment… so, what do you do? Is it rude to say “hey, so… any chance you could pay me back?” Do I look like a cheapskate if I don’t just calmly brush if off as ‘my shout’? After all, she’s putting on dinner for all of us…


Making a Meal of Your Finances


Situation 2. It’s approaching the end of the month, but you’re guessing there’s enough in your account for a sneaky lunch out with the girls. Great fun, hilarious conversation and delicious food, but the time to pay comes around, and your card taunts you with a beep that can only mean one thing: you’re out of money.

What do you do? Oh, the shame… Your frantic chant of “I don’t know what could have happened” won’t pay the bill, so your girlfriend comes to the rescue. Hang your head, you should have known better…


Never a Lender or a Borrower Be…


… for loan oft loses both itself and friend. Wise words by Shakespeare there, proving that loaning and friendship don’t go together so well. And he goes way back, so this problem is nothing new.

The above can only be beaten by one disastrous moment- the ultimate embarrassment to outdo all others. Your friend bails you out of a financial dry patch, but try as you might you just can’t seem to free up the money to pay her back… You already live within your means and there isn’t usually a penny to spare in the days leading up to pay day so, how am I going to manage to return the money? Time to save, and sharpish.

You get my drift; these may or may not be a big deal for you and your buddies, but whether or not you ever get past the taboo that is money with your friends, if any of the above have happened to you and left you short on cash, you’ll need to start solving the problem at home first. Get your finances in order quick and know with the touch of a button what you’re free to spend each month, so you’re never in the red unnecessarily. You might have to put that impromptu shop down as a lesson learned, but you’re a better friend for it. Be a better friend to yourself, perhaps and rest more easily at night, knowing your accounts are on the straight and narrow.


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