Taxes: How To File Yours The Right Way | MoneyStrands

It’s tax time.

And to help you file your taxes the right way, we bring you our top three comprehensive blog posts so that you can take advantage of deductions and reduce your tax fee.

Here we go!


1. Note to Self: Big Tax Mistakes to Avoid


In this blog post, we walk you through the 4 biggest tax mistakes you should avoid. Because every year, we all make the same promise: I’m going to plan ahead for tax day. But in the end, all good intentions end up just like that – intentions!


2. Five Top Tips For Doing Your Tax Return in 2018


Be sure that you get your contributions to Uncle Sam done correctly and on time, read your 5 top tips for doing your tax return in 2018 right here. It’s *not* so complicated, so don’t worry. Often it is this common fear of filing tax returns that creates such stress and anxiety. Much of it is really unnecessary.


3. How To Prepare To Pay Taxes


Paying taxes is painful but reading about it shouldn’t be. The key is to plan ahead and be ready for the big tax bill when it comes. Here’s how to prepare to pay taxes this year, and what to do when you can’t pay them.



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