Be Experience Rich and Find True Happiness | MoneyStrands

Believe it or not, material things aren’t the stuff of endless happiness. They make you happy, of course, but have you ever noticed that even the wealthiest of celebrities and magnates aren’t beaming from ear to ear, just because they’re rich, have 20 cars and a beachside mansion in the Virgin Islands? Ask yourself, are they necessarily experience rich?

I’m not saying that losing the money worries wouldn’t go a long way to easing your stress, but incidentally the more you have, the more you worry about losing your wealth. If it’s not one thing, it’s the other, quite frankly.



We accumulate belongings we feel we need, partly because society has conditioned us to think we do; oftentimes by living a more minimalistic existence and decluttering our lives, we live more freely and less weighed down with ‘things’ of little real value. Perhaps we are more inclined to really appreciate what we actually have if we don’t buy everything we see.

Younger generations have caught on to this idea, seeing the benefits of eliminating ties to unnecessary items, sharing where possible to remain financially unattached and more able to live for now.

Let’s face it – when it comes down to it, the true essence of life is based on our experiences. That means that being rich in experiences is new wealth. Sometimes, just sometimes, we have to allow ourselves the little joys in life and put our money worries on hold for a little while, and just live life.

You don’t get to the end of your life regretting unimportant money choices, but rather what you didn’t do when you had the chance, the things you could have seen, tasted and enjoyed, but put off. We most certainly will not be sad we didn’t spend more time in the office working overtime, so bear that in mind from time to time, as you burn the candle at both ends.


Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer


Think about this one a little bit. It’s so true! Traveling is all about discovering the unknown, living adventures and getting out of your comfort zone. Nothing good ever came from comfortable and travel is the proof of that. Travel gives you the opportunity to see things with new eyes, heightening your senses and making you more receptive to its benefits. Start planning your next trip! What about visiting Barcelona?


Give Time Not Money


Your time is the most valuable commodity you have; you never get time back, and as you get older, time seems to pass more and more quickly. Spend your time with loved ones and if you have children, attempt to be present for more than just the bedtime story. Give of yourself rather than material gifts; don’t give your children toys to make up for your absence – make time for them above all else. You’ll only regret it. Spend less time in the office; treat your partner to a surprise picnic and just chat. Quality time doesn’t have to be expensive, and when was the last time you had a nice day out just the two of you anyway?


Learning New Skills


To be experience rich, invest in yourself and learn to do something you’ve always wanted to. Learn how to dance salsa, take up a foreign language or cookery class, start yoga for relaxation, or learn how to master your personal finances. We dedicate so little time to our own wellbeing, that taking time out of your day for peaceful thought could be the break from your daily routine you so desperately needed.

Time spent doing activities that inspire or energize you are all worthwhile. The less snoozing on the sofa eating TV dinners the better. You’ll feel better about seizing the day and not letting life pass you by as a mere bystander.

Plan your next sensory experience, and make a habit out of it. Life’s too short. A true happiness experience is what you should strive for.

If you want to ensure your finances are in check and you can afford to go wild – we can help you budget and make saving your money a rewarding experience in itself!