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Most important features young home buyers want in their home


Millennials currently make up 35% of the US housing market, and account for 68% of all first-time homebuyers. So, what are Millennials looking for in a house?


1. A separate laundry room


A separate laundry room tops the list of features Millennial homebuyers are looking for. In fact, 92% of homebuyers want a laundry room.


2. Exterior Lighting


The second most desired feature for young homebuyers is exterior lighting, with 90% of all buyers looking to illuminate their yards.

3. Living room


While a 2016 study by the National Association of Home Builders found that living room is the third most desired feature for Millennial buyers, the National Association of Realtors reported that overall, young people are looking for homes with an open floor plan.


4. Shower and tub in the master bathroom


Millennials prefer to have both a shower and tub in the master bathroom, rating this feature sixth on the list of most desirable home features.


5. Ceiling fans


Millennials rank ceiling fans as the seventh most desirable home feature. A whole 86% of all buyers say that ceiling fans are either essential or desirable in a new home.


6. Energy-efficient appliances


Also making the top 10 list for Millennials homebuyers were energy-efficient appliances. Across generations, 90% of buyers are looking for this feature.


7. Hardwood floors


Young homebuyers tend to prefer hardwood floors over carpet. Overall, 82% of all buyers are looking for homes with this feature.


3 of Millennials’ top 10 most desired outdoor features:


  • Patios
  • Front porches
  • Decks


What Millennials want in their home, via MoneyStrands

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