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As a college student, you don’t need me to tell you that money can be tight.

In addition to buying all your books and equipment for your classes, many of you will need to buy food, potentially pay rent or maintenance on campus buildings and maintain some kind of social life to stop you going insane!

However, there’s not a lot of opportunities to make money while in college, unless you turn to the internet. Here, you’ll be able to find all kinds of jobs, and you can enjoy the added benefit of working from home, from your dorm or your favourite café.

Not sure where to get started?

Here are eight jobs you can start working today!


8 Easy Jobs for You to Make Money Online



1. Social Media Manager


As a young college student, the chances are that you’ve got some heavy experience when it comes to social media, perhaps more so than the older generation that is currently trying to boost the reach of their companies.

This is why so many businesses are turning to college students for them to manage their social media accounts to connect with their followers expertly, something you could easily do.

The pay can range from $15-$40 per hour, and you’ll be working whatever hours you agree on.


2. Online Tutor


Since you’re already learning about a subject or topic, why not share your knowledge by getting paid to teach other students around the world.

Whether this is the subject that you’re learning about, something that you already know a lot about or even the language you speak, there is a tonne of opportunities out there, such as Ukwritings and SimpleGrad, for you to get started.


3. Data Entry Clerk


In the real world, there are a lot of tedious jobs out there that pay good money. The same can be said for the virtual world.

With data entry, you’ll be taking a company’s information or stock lists or some kind of data and inputting into their systems, whether this is a spreadsheet or an online server.

The range can vary dramatically since you’ll be working with clients all over the world, but you’ll be typically paid by the hour.


4. Transcriptionist


There are many companies out there that are in urgent need of having their audio and videos transcribed into a text format for future reference so if you’ve got an ear for listening to detail and impeccable writing skills, this could be the job for you.

You can find many of these jobs of freelancing sites such as People Per Hour and Upwork, but the pay range can vary intensely depending on the company’s budget and requirements.

You can also use sites like My Writing Way and Writing Populist to improve your skills.


5. Resume Writing


There are so many job seekers out there on the market that the industry has never been more competitive.

However, in order to secure these jobs, the applicants are going to need a stellar resume in order to stand out, and that’s where you come in.

Using services like Resumention and Revieweal, you can easily find work writing people’s resumes for them, helping them to secure the job of their dreams.


6. Website Testing


With hundreds of millions of websites out there, it’s safe to say that every business is going to want to do everything they can in order to give their users the best experience possible.

“However, having designed the website, it’s not always easy to find the mistakes or the areas of concern which will cost them business” – explains Herbert Gibson, a Quality Assurance Manager at Bestbritishessays and a Huffingtonpost expert.

With you in tow, it will be your job to use the website as a customer but with a critical eye, helping them identify areas they need to improve. You can get started at jobs like Test Birds or User Zoom.


7. Freelance Writer / Editor


Perhaps the most common form of work for a college student or anybody working at home is a freelance writer/editor.

This is where you’ll be writing all kinds of written content for a business, such as blog posts, website content, product descriptions and any other form of written text you’ll find online.

The price can vary from $1 per 100 words to around $15, depending on your experience but finding work to get you started is easy with websites like Oxessays and Bestaustralianwriters.


8. Search Engine Evaluator


Although the majority of search engines are based on computer codes, there still needs to be a human element for these search engine giants to ensure that their services are the best they can be, hence why they hire search engine evaluators.

Using services like Leap Force at Home, you’ll be used to insert keywords and then judge how great the results are, therefore rating the service that they are providing.


A Final Word


As you can see, working from home or college as a student isn’t hard, and there is a tonne of opportunities to make and save more money.

Simply pick one you’ll enjoy, and best suits your skills, and you’ll be able to get started today!






Gloria Kopp is a communication manager and a financial writer at Bigassignments. She is the author of Studydemic writing blog for business students, and is a guest writer at The Tab and Australian help magazines.




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