Valentine's Day: 6 Low-Cost Date Ideas | MoneyStrands


With Valentine’s Day around the corner, lots of you will be thinking about how to impress that special someone. However, sometimes we don’t have the budget for that fancy restaurant uptown or lavish gifts, but luckily MoneyStrands has come to save the day! We created a list of 6 low-cost date ideas which never fail to impress and can ensure a good time.

Now the only hard decision is, which one (or ones) are you going to choose? Let’s take a look:


Do some research and find the best viewpoints in your city. Rooftops, hills, and parks are some of the places that often boast great views. Check what time the sun goes down and set out on a nice stroll making sure you arrive in good time to see the sunset. Your date will almost certainly be impressed with the thought and planning you’ve put into this one.




Whether you prefer a 3-course meal or just a tasty dessert, choose some of your favorite recipes and give it a go at making it together. This is another great low-cost date idea, even if the finished food isn’t as tasty as you were hoping, because the important thing is that you will have time to bond and get to know each other during the process. You know what they say, food is the fastest way to a person’s heart!




If the weather isn’t too great outside, stay in and spend the evening playing board games and you’ll soon remember how fun they are. Grab a bottle of whatever you fancy and break out the old classics. Not only is it something different to do, but a little friendly competition could be healthy and help to get to know each other better.




Grab some popcorn and a blanket to cuddle up while you enjoy a nice film or tv show. A classic indoor date, it’s hard to go wrong with this one. Make sure that you get all the talking done before, as you don’t want to be the one who talks the whole way through! If you love finance and finance-related films, don’t miss our top selections in this post.





If the weather permits, take your lucky date on a picnic in the great outdoors. Nothing beats some fresh air and good food and chances are that the experience will feel more intimate and personal than going out to a crowded restaurant.




Even if both of you are terribly unartistic, a creative night of painting or drawing could be a blast. Buy two canvasses and set them up back-to-back. You’ll each paint or draw something for each other as your gift – it’ll either be really good or hilariously bad. Either way, you’ll make a memorable night.



So there you have 6 fail-safe and low-cost date Ideas that won’t strain your finances or budget. Sometimes less is more, and these simple date ideas will show the other person you care.