MoneyStrands, ¡ahora en español!

The sleek, elegant personal finance management app is now available in Spanish.


As the Spanish-speaking community of the United States continues to grow – in 2015, numbers had reached 57m and it is estimated that come 2060, Hispanics will make up one third of the US population – it is more important than ever to speak to Hispanic-Americans in their native language.


Given the distrust that Latin Americans historically have felt for banking systems and that the younger generations seem to have inherited, the Latin American in the US seems to respond better to advertising or services provided in Spanish. In fact, data shows that 56% of Hispanics only speak Spanish or use it more frequently than English, and that a mere 15% speak only English. It is also demonstrated that more than half the population prefer advertisements in Spanish, proving that they feel better represented or that advertising in Spanish is more targeted to them.


Erik Brieva, CEO of Strands points out that “60% of the Hispanic population are under 35 years of age, or millennials, and as such are the most mobile of the Hispanic population, so to us at Strands it makes undeniable sense to launch the Spanish version of our MoneyStrands application and offer the Latino community a long overdue tool to manage their personal finances”.


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