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MoneyStrands is one of the Top 5 Personal Finance Apps according to Entrepreneur, the North American magazine and website that carries news stories about entrepreneurship and business.

In this Spanish edition, journalists at the Entrepreneur highlight that MoneyStrands is one of the apps that you should have on your smartphone because it will help you better manage your financial life.


What makes MoneyStrands unique


MoneyStrands is an innovative, easy-to-use personal financial app. It automatically gathers data for financial accounts including savings, checking, loans and credit cards, providing you with an up-to-date, accurate, unified view of your finances.

It goes beyond providing financial analysis tools, with personalized money-saving advice and recommendations, and lets you anonymously compare themselves with people with similar backgrounds and financial goals.

The app is available in both English and Spanish.



What other journalists are saying


Entrepreneur is not the only magazine MoneyStrands has been featured in. Journalists from other major publications are also talking about MoneyStrands, and this is what they say:

Marc Saltzman from USA TODAY:

“MoneyStrands lets you instantly and securely access bank and credit card accounts, set budget targets (segregated into categories, such as groceries, restaurants, kids, and home), input dates in a calendar to pay bills, track your investments, and see money exchange rates from many world exchanges.

If you’re saving for something big, like a vacation, you can also use MoneyStrands to set a target and track your progress as you work towards your financial goal. You can set up various alerts for your phone or tablet for important finance-related reminders, and glance at your financial health with colorful charts and graphs. An optional feature lets you anonymously compare yourself to others with similar backgrounds and goals.”

Mindy Crary, contributor at FORBES:

Researching your budgeting software options can be overwhelming if you’re just getting started. I believe that whatever is the most easily executable option—meaning that you can get set up and manage it consistently—wins out over anything else. The point is to get started, because that is the hardest part (or should be). Moneystrands offers all of the features you’d expect.


MoneyStrands gives you the ability to import your credit cards, bank accounts, and personal or business loans online into one location. MoneyStrands seems to be a little more comprehensive in its calendar and current snapshot looks at your finances than the other apps.

Benjamin R. García from YAHOO FINANCE:

MoneyStrands is a perfect application to keep track of the daily expenses and know what the money is spending. It is an app that allows you to access instant and securely to bank accounts and credit cards, as well as tracking your investments.

Howard Dvorkin from FOX BUSINESS:

With a little planning, it’s easy to establish good money habits that will lead to financial stability in the future. Sites like MoneyStrands make it easy to track your spending and identify unnecessary expenses.

Geoff Williams contributor at from US NEWS:

Money troubles are a huge cause of stress and can often lead to disagreements. Tension about money can bleed over into other parts of your lives. If your bank doesn’t have any interesting gee-whiz apps or gadgets designed to make your lives easier, you can try MoneyStrands.

Stephanie Loiacono from INVESTOPEDIA:

Who has the time to review multiple bank accounts and update spreadsheets when there are emails to answer and super apps to download? MoneyStrands pulls it all together for you with one free, easy-to-use personal money management app. Sign up, add all your bank and credit card accounts on MoneyStrands’ secure site, and all your information gets organized into colorful, easy-to-read charts and graphs. Features include simple family budgeting, debt management, and even an alert system to warn when your checking account balance is getting low or when it’s time to switch to a lower interest rate credit card.

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