MoneyStrands Launches App to Make Your Money Work for You

An elegant, powerful banking solution is now available in the US to make your money work for you

It’s a long standing problem that we Americans have crazy spending habits. But not if it’s up to MoneyStrands – a free mobile app aiming to solve this. The app enables people to take control of their entire financial life so they can make smarter money management decisions.

Most apps serve as a rear-view mirror for personal finances, only providing users with a backwards look at their money. MoneyStrands, on the other hand, uses predictive analytics to take a more forward-looking approach, helping users to anticipate and unlock their financial freedom.


“When your finances are under control, you can optimize your money to get what you want faster. This is a game changer.”- Erik Brieva, CEO Strands


Turn the iPhone or Android into a personal finance coach:

✓ Download the app and connect the banks you need.
✓ Get instant access to account balances, financial calendar, auto-categorized transactions, spending habits, budgets, and more.
✓ Start making smarter decisions about money.

Available in the US, coming soon to the rest of the world. Download MoneyStrands app for free:

Get it on Google Play MoneyStrands

MoneyStrands for iOS:
MoneyStrands for Android:


MoneyStrands is powered by Strands technologies. Strands Inc. develops innovative applications and personalized digital banking experiences. Strands’ technology is trusted by over 180 banks and 100 million banking customers worldwide.