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MoneyStrands Scholarship Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions

MoneyStrands 2018 FinTech Scholarship

The MoneyStrands 2018 FinTech Scholarship (“Scholarship”) is a scholarship program sponsored by Strands, Inc. and its affiliated companies (“Strands”), a U.S. company, which is addressed only for students who are U.S. citizens or U.S. permanent residents, at the date of their application submission for the Scholarship, and are enrolled in a full-time U.S. university, college or graduate school courses.  Students who have any full academic scholarships are not eligible to apply for the Scholarship.  The applications are to be submitted before or on June 25, 2018.  The award recipient of the Scholarship will be given USD $1,250.

By submitting your application for the Scholarship, you agree in granting on Strands of all and any intellectual property rights to or in any contents and or works (“Contents”) which you can create during the Scholarship.  Strands can, in whole or part, use, repost, share, display online or offline, or use or dispose of in any other lawfully manner, the so granted Contents, without any notifications.

By submitting your application, you grant to Strands, and to its representatives, including without limitations, to Strands’ employees, directors, agents and subcontractors, your permission to post your name and surname, your university, college or graduate school name, your photo, and the winning entry, on the Strands’ website and on other marketing platforms, channels and/or material whichever those could be, including but not limited to, blogs, social media accounts, and other online and offline sources.

You agree to submit only one original application.  Duplicate or multiple applications will automatically be dismissed for the Scholarship.  All entries must be written in the English language.  Any entry in any other language except English will be dismissed.

The awarded recipient of the Scholarship will be notified via the email to the email address provided in his or her application (“Notification”).  The awarded recipient of the Scholarship must email Strands back no later than seven (7) days from Strands’ email date (excluded) stating his or her acceptance of the Scholarship.  If the awarded recipient of the Scholarship does not email Strands back stating his or her acceptance of the Scholarship, the second runner will be awarded USD $1,250.  And if the second runner does not email Strands back, then the third runner will be awarded, and so on.

The awarded recipient of the MoneyStrands 2018 FinTech Scholarship will be required to send to Strands out a photo of his or her after the Notification, which will be posted on Strands’ website and social media channels, as a way to state that the Scholarship was effectively awarded.

The awarded recipient of the Scholarship will get USD $1,250 to use the money for the 2018 school year.  The funds will be sent as a check or wire transfer to the awarded recipient student’s Financial Aid Office or Office of Scholarship Services.

Once the USD $1,250 is awarded, the funds should be used for tuition and/or education-related purposes.  The Scholarship is not transferable, applies only to tuition and/or education-related purposes, and does not result in a cash payment to the awarded recipient.

Please do note that all potential federal, state or city taxes associated with the prize is the responsibility of the awarded recipient of the Scholarship as a payee, and Strands is only to be considered as payor under these terms and conditions.

Good luck!

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