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The beginning of the year can be an uphill struggle when you’ve maxed out your credit cards over Christmas and the New Year. But before you vow to exist on an instant noodle-only diet from now until the summer vacation, you might want to consider delving into the sharing economy.


Sharing is caring

You may have a few Airbnb experiences under your belt already, and feel pretty virtuous for not overspending on fancy hotels on your city breaks, but have you ever considered getting a lodger, renting out your living room as office space or offering your attic as storage?

Your home can start making you money in the time it takes to upload a photo or two onto sites such as Roost in the US and Storemates in the UK.

Using resources that you already have – rather than approaching banks and lending companies – is a cheaper and more sustainable way to generate income. And from your customer’s point of view, they can cut out the middle man and get a more cost-effective solution for their needs.

The sharing economy can be a nice little earner, but it’s also pretty useful if you’re trying to do things on the cheap, too.

Why not ditch your costly car and start catching a ride with a neighbour via Lyft or Sidecar? Or you could borrow a vehicle through RelayRides, or a bike with Liquid, whenever you need to get around.


Put your talent to good use

Think about capitalizing on your talents, too. If you make a killer pot pie, sign up to Zaarly – a peer-to-peer marketplace – and get ready for your first customer!

Swap dog-sitting shifts and cut kennel costs with Rover. Share your Wi-Fi and, in return, stay connected wherever you are, thanks to the seven million users on Fon. And run the odd errand for a little extra pocket money with TaskRabbit.

If you don’t use it, sell it; if it can make you a fast buck, share it, and if you’ve got a talent, put it to good use – there is no shortage of people looking for what you’ve got to offer.


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