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Could your finances be in better shape? Well, you’ve come to the right place to make your money work for you with these 5 mind-blowing personal finance tips from 5 self-made millionaire gurus. Who are these people? They’re some of the most well-known, renowned individuals in personal finance advice, that’s who. They include Ramit Sethi, Suze Orman and Dave Ramsey. What do they have to say? Let’s take a look!


Personal Finance Tips from the Money Gurus

1. Suze Orman – Have financial discipline

This respected personal finance authority highlights one of the most repeated money mantras: improve your financial discipline.

Suze says that many people tell her that they simply don’t have the money to save or to put towards their financial goals. Her solution? Take out your last three bank statements and go through every expense. Can you eliminate or reduce them? Chances are you can, and remember that however small, it makes a difference in the long term.

2. Robert Kiyosaki – Take control of your finances

“Or it will take control of you,” says Robert Kiyosaki, author of Rich Dad, Poor Dad. The bottom line is that if you don’t take control of your finances, nobody else will. Robert asks, “Do you want to take control of your finances or take orders all your life?” Strong words, but the message is clear.

To attain financial freedom requires effort on your part, especially in the beginning as you form new money habits.

3. Tony Robbins – Be proactive with your money

The world’s most famous motivational speaker recently became a bestselling personal finance author too. Tony highlights the importance of the right attitude to your money. “It’s time to stop being the chess piece and become the chess player” says Tony.

Whatever your areas of focus for your financial health, from budgeting to setting savings goals, it takes a proactive approach to do it well, without delay.

4. Ramit Sethi – Automate everything

Seth Rami’s I Will Teach You To Be Rich website is packed full of good personal finance advice. But this is one tip that Seth goes back to time again. The bottom line is that saving is hard because it requires will power and it’s tough. Right? Actually manually transferring money from your checking account to a savings account is painful. What’s Seth’s solution? To automate your financial life by setting up a direct payment from your checking account to your savings account. This way you don’t even see that money that goes to paying your utility bills, credit accounts and crucially, your savings account.

It takes the misery out of saving by transferring your money to your savings account when your salary comes in, ensures all your bills are paid on time, and it only takes a short time to set it up with your bank.

5. Dave Ramsey – Make an emergency fund a priority

Everyone has had a nasty emergency expense come out of the blue. Haven’t you? This is where an emergency fund comes in. Financial guru Dave Ramsey says to “save $1,000 as fast as you can – go through your storage boxes and sell stuff if need be” – and use the money to open a savings account.

This will help you to be prepared for the unexpected costs that life throws up. Check out our 50/20/30 rule to help with your emergency fund plan right here.


Bringing it all together

Start as you mean to go on with your money habits. The rich are rich for a reason. They tend to follow a similar set of money rules diligently, while many of us are a little too relaxed with our own finances. Familiar story? And the great thing is that you can adopt these money rules today. With a proactive attitude, discipline, and a commitment to take control of your money, you will be on your way to rude financial health and wealth. Added to these three money rules, automating your finances and maintaining an emergency fund will bring convenience and peace of mind as you overhaul your finances for the better.


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