Take control of your money with personal finance app MoneyStrands

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Achieving your financial goals is now a lot more possible thanks to Money Strands. Provided by Strands Labs Inc., this iOS-based app is an online budgeting and money management software. It features a virtual spokesperson called Monica with widget style designs.




1. With the app, you can make smarter financial decisions:


  • You’ll have instant access to all your banks, and view your account balances, spending habits, and budgets.
  • You can determine how much money you’ll spend on everything by setting personalized budgets for any category you want.


2. With MoneyStrands, you can set a goal and work your way towards achieving it.


Need to save for your children’s education? Check. Need to save now for your next European holiday? MoneyStrands has you covered. Would you want to have money for next year’s Olympics? You can start saving for that with the help of MoneyStrands.


3. And MoneyStrands will also tell you when it is ok to spend.


Are you hell bent on getting that pair of shoes? The app will tell you when you can buy that without breaking your budget.

With MoneyStrands, you can see exactly your income, expenses, and spending habits. You can track these details and plan ahead to secure your financial future.




Download MoneyStrands for free:

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