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It’s been a bit more than a year since MoneyStrands launched the new personal finance app to help people change their financial behavior, during which we released many updates, and helped Americans manage their money like pros.

So, on this Thanksgiving Day, and before the absolute craziness of Black Friday, we wanted to reflect on how these milestones have been received, and share what we, the MoneyStrands Team, are thankful for.

Here we go.


1. A Value-Based Mission


“I’m thankful we’re helping people putting their financial life together, and ultimately live better, by offering them a simple app. We don’t like to complicate things. And neither like you. So, our simplicity value is reflected in how we work and what we produce: simple, intuitive software solutions.” – Miriam Ballesteros


2. A Cool Diversified Team


“I’m REALLY thankful we’re teammates from different cultures,ages and even countries such as Spain, USA, Argentina, England, Lithuania, and Ireland! While we are trying our best to make the ultimate personal finance app we are also learning a lot from each other and having fun doing the things we like to do.” – Federico Miras


3. Great Coworkers To Continuously Learn From


“I’m truly thankful for the coworkers I surround myself with. They always provide different perspectives and new ways of looking at and solving complex problems. This always leads to great teamwork. Working alongside such a knowledgeable and talented group has helped me grow personally and professionally.” – Javier Castillo


4.Powering Inclusive Growth


“I am truly thankful for a product and marketing efforts on encouraging a greater diversity across different segments in the financial industry. We continuously educate and consider the needs of the users – from millennials to women, entrepreneurs and new generations who are also new to online financial services. It’s a big step in the right direction. The opportunities to grow and improve are endless as well.” – Vaida Pakulyte


5.Humanizing Digital Banking


“I’m sincerely thankful to be part of the MoneyStrands family by having the chance to learn from all of you. Thanks to all users, marketers, designers, developers, managers… who make this trip an awesome challenge and rich experience, while trying to humanize digital banking a little bit more every single day.” – Guillem Espias


6. Having a Voice


“I am grateful for the chance to share the good work that Strands does with the outside world, and put our knowledge and expertise into words. My job is to make banking easier to understand for the layperson. I particularly love the opportunity to take part in projects such as our SheBanking white paper, with women at its core. I am learning about the fascinating world of finance and Fintech every day, and hopefully make it just as interesting for our readers!” – Aoife Crean

7. My Strands Internship


“I am grateful for Strands taking a chance on me and allowing a college student to come and work in their professional team. I have learnt a lot from my co-workers and hope to continue gaining as much from this experience as possible. Together we will continue to work towards meeting both Strands and MoneyStrands’ objectives.” – Gabriel Moreno


8. Doing What I love


“I’m thankful for living in this moment, this age, this life. We are living the most exciting moment of the human history and the easiest thanks to the Internet to do what we really want. The best moment to travel, to learn, to connect, to achieve our goals…There are no excuses for not doing what you love. Life is short to do something you hate. Always be thankful.” – Raúl Jareño


9.Worldwide Synergic Team


“I’m so thankful for the team we created, able to work worldwide as if we were side by side physically. With so much talent and diversity, everyday we learn something new, even if it’s not related to your job skills. It’s nice to work with passionate people in the FinTech industry that are involved in personal finance apps and many other projects.” – Gabriel Pan Gantes


10. Encouraging People


“It’s amazing to see the result as a sum of all our team efforts and skills day after day. We’re building something great to encourage people to not be worried about their money anymore. Our vision is to go even further and become your independent and trusted partner. Somebody which will see you pragmatically and tell you the truth and recommend what’s most suitable for you”. – Albert Morales


We’re thankful for the present, and we look to the future with gratitude.

Thanks for making it happen, MoneyStranders, and Happy Thanksgiving! ?



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