The Ultimate Guide to Spring Cleaning Your Finances | MoneyStrands

This is the time of year when we dust off the cobwebs, give the house a good old clean and even its yearly lick of paint, but it’s also a great time to make sure your accounts are in good shape.

There’s something about the longer, sunnier days that gives us the energy to take on these important projects and shed a bit of light on our forgotten finances. No groaning – it’s easy when you put your mind to it!


Give a spit-shine to your finances

Granted, for most of us, the thought of spending a couple of hours sifting through our accounts to create a budget is the stuff of nightmares, but once you’ve decided on the wisest way to spend, or indeed save your money, you can relax. It’s a fool-proof way of breathing some fresh air into our financial lives and taking the stress out of your sums.

You no longer need to do this alone; there are plenty of applications you can use from the comfort of your mobile to help you create goals and stick to them. A second attempt at making, and keeping, your New Year’s resolutions perhaps?

The MoneyStrands app does just that. It is an easy-to- use solution to help you keep on top of your saving goals and see all your money in one place.


Start as you mean to go on

It’s never been easier to get your money organised and save without leaving the house.

Once you’ve done the hard bit and decided where all your hard-earned cash is going to go each month, the app can get to work offering you a helping hand, or a polite nudge in the right direction, to keep you on course. It’s up to you how much or how little you do at this point, but at very least you know you’re unlikely to be treading water at the end of the month, but rather have a little left over to play with.

Dusters at the ready – no time like the present to start as you mean to go on.


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