MoneyStrands Update: We’ve Increased The Budget Limit To 100 Entries

“I can’t add more than 10 lines on the Budgets tab. Is this intentional or should I be able to add more lines than that?”

“The app won’t let me add more than 10 entries in the budget section. How do/can I add more???”

You spoke. We listened.

We’ve updated our budget limit in response to your feedback in order to provide you with more flexibility in organizing your money.

Now you’re able to add up to 100 budget lines.


How to create a budget using MoneyStrands


Getting started on a budget is super easy. Here are the simple steps you need to follow to create a budget:

1. First, download the MoneyStrands app.

2. Once you’re at the MoneyStrands app, you’ll see a button that reads: “Register“. Click that button.

3. Now, you should be on a page that asks you to get started, and create a new account. The process is so simple. Just fill in your name, last name, email, and password. Feel free to read the Terms & Conditions too. Then, click the button at the bottom that reads “Register”.

4. Once you’ve signed up, you can connect your banks. You should see the option to search for your bank or select one from the list of icons below. Type in the first few letters of the name of your bank, and then click your bank name.

5. Now, you’ll be asked to log in to your bank. Remember, MoneyStrands uses the same level of security that is already used by the banks, so you can be sure that your access is totally secure. Just enter your username and password that you use to log in to your online bank account regularly.

6. It might take a few minutes to connect to your bank. But while waiting for that to happen, feel free to add another bank. This will be necessary to create an accurate budget.

7. Once you’ve connected your banks, you can add a new budget. Go to Menu → Planning → Plus Sign (+) in the Budgets Tab → Choose Category and start grouping your expenses!



Ways to categorize your budgets


We’ve created some categories and moved some things around to make things easier for you. Here’s the complete list of ways to categorize your budgets:

  • Bills, Utilities: 

Electricity, Gas, Internet, Phone/Mobile, TV, Water, Other.

  • Cash, Transfers:

Cash Withdrawal, Credit Card, Loan Payment, Internal Money Transfer, Transfer, Other.

  • Food, Dining:

Eating Out, Groceries, Other.

  • Health, Personal Care

Dentist, Doctor, Eye care, Hair, Insurance, Pharmacy, Other.

  • Home

Furniture, Home Improvement, Insurance, Maintenance, Mortgage/Rent, Other.

  • Income

Interest/Dividends, Salary/Retirement, Support, Other.

  • Kids

Childcare, School, Toys, Other.

  • Leisure:

Bars/Club, Cinema/Theaters/Concerts, Memberships, Sports/Hobbies, Other.

  • Shopping

Books/Music/DVDs, Clothing/Accessories, Electronics, Gifts/Charity, Pets, Other.

  • Taxes, Fees

Bank Fees, Taxes, Other.

  • Transport

Gas/Tolls, Insurance, Maintenance, Parking, Payment/Rent, Public Transport, Other.

  • Vacation

Hotels, Sightseeing, Vacation Travel, Other.

Remember: You can always create your own subcategories by clicking “Add a subcategory”.


A Final Word


A budget is a great way to stay on top of your personal finances.

Fortunately, the MoneyStrands app offers online money management features that include a budget creator.

It’s free, so why not start using it today? ?


Download MoneyStrands for free:

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